touche avec Matthieu R.jpgEarly July, heat on the ground and already some of us gone for summer holidays. Not the best time to play this tournament we have participated for many seasons.

AFRC players, Nico TANSAUD, Xavier LERIN, Tom BYRNE, Graham CREIGHTON, Kosuke YAMAMOTO, Dan CONNOR and Mr IronMan 2011: our dear President, Matthieu ROSENBERG replied present for the last games of the season. But only 7 guys to make a 10’s was not enough. Fortunately, the Crusaders were not more than us and  so we teamed up, exchanging players during the different pool games.

It turned pretty well for us with 1 draw and 4 wins in pool games. But we lost by 0-10 to a much more realistic Urayasu Beers in knock out games.  For your records, the Urayasu were 25 players and got fresh guys for all along this hot day.
Nicolas Tansaud & Xavier Lerin.jpg
Nicolas TANSAUD and Xavier LERIN chasing the ball
Finally, they were the winner of the tournament and a loss by 0 to 10 against such team should have kept the AFRC proud of themselves.
Many AFRC players said that the 10’s was great fun and that it was fantastic playing with All France again before leaving for summer holidays.
Comments From Alexandre MIROUX, Graham CRAIGHTON and Matthieu ROSENBERG
Photos Geenie
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