Hi lads,
another rainy Sunday deprived us of a good game vs Zenkai but I hope you re still motivated for the last rugby event of the season: the Shuto 10s tournament.
The tournament runs during the whole day and we get at least 5 games of 7 min each, more if we qualify for the next rounds. We will play 10s, that means speed, no ruck, stand-on-your-feet-and-pass rugby. You have to give 150% during 7 min., it’s tiring but it’s good fun.

Meeting: 8h15 at Shin-Urayasu station (JR Keiyo Line).
DON’T BE LATE because we have to set up the ground and we are playing the very first game (10h sharp).

Mail me with your attendance.
And don’t forget Benoit BBQ on Saturday, I hope the gods of rain will leave us alone this time…


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