Hi team,hold off, it seems that we did not read the fine print… We thought the Shuto League was over, but it seems we have an extra game ahead of us: the place for "best 3rd" between our pool and the other 2nd div pool. The result will help determine next year divisions.

Anyway, the calendar is again changed, like this:
Sat. 6th of Nov: training for "sort-of-playoffs"
Sun. 14th of Nov: "sort-of-playoffs" game vs Baku or Dandelions
Thursday 18th of Nov: Beaujolais Nouveau Party in Idabashi
Sun 21th of Nov: game vs YCAC (BIG GAME !!!)
Sun 5th of Dec: game TBD
Sat 11th of Dec: All France Bonenkai and end of 1st semester

Sorry for the messy work. Hope you can join.

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