Sunday 4th October 2015

AFRC – Doctors RFC : 33-38


The 1st AFRC’ shuto league game vs the Doctors was lost by a small margin of 5 points : 33 to 38. A last minute try prevented us to win a game which has seen in the 2nd half each team leading the game alternately.
But we lost the game by a lack of concentration at the start and the end of each half : 1 half 2nd minute, a converted try (0-7) then 5 minute later, one more try (0-12). Few minutes before half time, since we were leading 21-12, we left the Doctors with hope when they scored a try to bring the score at half time 21-17. 2nd Half, “rebelote” (once again in French), The doctors scored immediately a converted try to lead the game 21-23 and since we were leading by 2 points 1 minute before the end of the game, they scored a final converted try which gave them the final victory by 33-38.

At the opposite, we must be proud to have shown a great fighting spirit despite our scrum got problem to deliver clean balls to Onda san since destructive tackles led to penalties in our favour, excellent alternated moves between mauls-rucks and brilliant runs by backs helped us to score 3 tries by Ryo of which a magnificent one when Kosuke counterattacked and delivered a timely pass to Ras.
Unfortunately, this defeat shows us that few tiny points must be corrected to win next time such game. Trainings must be followed by everyone to adjust automatisms and confidence in each other.
AFRC : 5 tries : Ryo 3x, Isabu 1x, Hisa 1x
4 conversions : Kazu 4x => remarkable ratio
Finally, I would like to convey my best thanks to Maxime and Dan who organized the remittance of the trophy of the best try scorer to Ryo for the last season. A great way to make each other happy in the team and proud to wear the jersey of one of the oldest foreign rugby team in Japan, I mean, the ALL FRANCE RUGBY CLUB.

Ranking for the 2015-2016 MVP trophy:

  1. Ryo 43pts
  2. Ras 17pts
  3. Max 15pts
  4. Mika 10pts
  5. Masa 8pts
  6. Dan 5pts
  7. Kazu Kamiya 4pts
  8. Masuyama 4pts

Top try scorers    Top points scorers
Ryo 3                                Ryo 15pts
Araki 2                             Araki 10pts
Dan 2                               Dan 10pts
Mika 1                              Kazu Kamiya 8pts
Max 1                                Max 5pts
Hisa 1                               Isabu 5pts
Isabu 1                              Hisa 5pts
Mumei (無名) 1               Mika 5pts
Mumei (無名) 5pts

I shall not conclude the comments without a big thanks to Megumi for the great photos she took and you can see on line or on facebook.

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