Hi girls,
the Shuto calendar came out, here is our 5 games until end of nov., you can find the full calendar here.

Date Event Location Infos
7 september 2008

21 september 2008

AFRC vs Moccosu Akigase ko 15h20
5 october 2008 AFRC vs Zenkai Beers Akigase ko 14h00
19 october 2008 AFRC vs Wild Turkeys Akigase ko 15h20
2 november 2008 AFRC vs AJJ Akigase ko 15h20
9 november 2008 AFRC vs Dandelions Akigase ko 14h00

As you can see, all our games will be held in Akigase ground (next to Musashi Urawa) on the beginning of the afternoon, so no excuse for showing up late.
All the games are winnable, no super strong team out of reach.

The key to win will be the number of players, we need to be 18 to 20 at each game, because the other teams won’t be coming short of players.

So I need to rally your mates, everyone you know who can hold a rugby ball properly, look through your adress book and mail/phone the guys.
Help me gathering a team so that we can win these games.

Next game is in 12 days vs Moccosu against we lost last spring by one point, this is a good chance to score some points from the start of the Shuto.



Game vs Moccosu moved to the 21st of September



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