Hi Team, After a long Friday lunch at Ark hills (with wine, coffee and cognac hips) here is the tentative team the coaches came up with for Sunday’s game vs Wild Turkeys. Be ready because the line above was my last joke before the final whistle on Sunday. Game is ON! 1. Kosuke 2. Lolo 3. Tanaka 4. Philippe 5. Quentin 6. Andrew 7. Max (captain) 8. Erwan 9. Onda 10. Taka (backs lieutenant) 11. Romain L. 12. Keisuke (aka Special K) 13. Kazu K. 14. Ben 15. Hisa Subs (8) Forwards: Fredrik, Cedric, Yoshioka Backs: Dan, Kazu M, Yama, Fumio, Matsumoto Coach/subs manager: JP

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