Hi guys, Thank you for all of you boys who were on the pitch this Sunday. It was our first game of this new season of Shuuto league against the Gentle Giants. As you all know we lost it, Final score : Gentle Giants 36 – 28 All France Tries made by : – Mike – Fredrik – Ryo First half time shown that we have real difficulties to come into the game. I know it was hot, but we were not ready. Lack of concentration, lack of communication. We don’t know each other enough, we cannot play fluent rugby for those reasons. We woke up on the second half time, we improved on both individual engagement and support for rucks. but this was not enough and it was to late to come back on the score. No need to give you detailled explanation, Above technical points written down, things can be summed up in one sentence : WE MUST BE TOGETHER ON THE PITCH Rugby is NOT the sum of 15 players abilities. if it were so, I swear you the victory would have been ours. Rugby is NOT 15 players on the pitch, 7 on the bench, a coach and some supporters. RUGBY IS ONE TEAM One tackled missed is all the team who missed it. One try is all the team who gets a try One defeat is the team defeat, one victory is the team victory. SO Wake up and communicate boys !! No excuse if weather was hot, it was also hot for the opponents. Whatever the temperature or the referee point of view, back lines must shout for support, scrum half and fly half must shout for leading the game. We have also our responsibilities with Lolo for the coaching. We know that was not perfect yet, sorry about this. We begin as coaches, be sure will give our best for All France !! Now concerning technical points : On defense, be faster – we need as fast as possible a FLAT line, one player against one. – so many tackles were missed, this is unforgivable for the team. On one player against one player should NOT pass. We will work for this on coming trainings. – opponent third row was quicker than ours. over numbered opponent attacking line was fatal for us, again. On attack, be slower This does not mean to wait and see. This means to focus to get the good timing. Our attack phases are still too quick and impulsive. – Above all please STOP f**king blind passes !! We lost so many opportunities because of this. – efficient and organized support on ruck : one player to attack, the closer to follow – whatever his position – to be immediately on support. If troubles, another player has to go. – once ruck is won, and ONLY when it is, we need to take time to SET OUR GAME. We have a back lines with nice combinations, please let’s give us the opportunity to be practiced on game ! That’s it. we now need to practice together. We will organize some game / training sessions on Saturdays morning or afternoon. Please consider these coming as much important as games !! Above all critics, we saw some great things on individual performance on the pitch this Sunday afternoon ! So keep motivation and will soon enjoy play together boys !! Cheers, Lolo, Max for the All France Staff

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