Dear AFRC friends,

First let me on behalf of all of us here wish you a very happy new year to you, your relatives and families!

Since we last met for the Bonenkai, I hope you could enjoy a bit of rest, feast a bit and catch up with friends and loved ones, whether in Japan or overseas.

The new year has arrived and this means we have an important game to play on *Sunday January 18th vs SHINJUKU JACKS. *

*The winner will go to SHUUTO Div. 1 come September 2015*.

1- Please update your status on TEAMSNAP ASAP for that important game.

2- Since we have not played together for a while, it would be great to train together on Saturday (Jan. 10) early afternoon (2pm to 4pm) at ARIAKE just to get things going a bit and sweat it out.

We would need more than 10 players to make it worth. It is a 3 day week end so I’m not sure if many of you will be around. Please reply by email before Friday 5PM. If there are fewer than 10 positive answers, then Saturday training will be cancelled.

Even if you cannot make the game on 18th but can come on Saturday, would be great to come to make up the numbers for opposition.

*PS*: Dan can you please check with Yuuji whether we have any ground on Thursday (TAKADANOBABA or USHIGOME)? Thx JP

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