Hi team,
well, construction league was not really a league this year. Yesterday, Tokyo Metro said they could not play against us, but your dear leader anticipated it and contacted the Shinjuku Jacks on Monday.
So, NO MORE GAME IN MISATO. Instead, a friendly game vs Jacks, KO at 12h00.

Meeting: 10h15 at Shin Shibamata Station 新柴又駅 on the Asakusa/Hokuso Line (same line)

The Hokuso Line is prolonging the Asakusa Line. You can always find your route with Jorudan http://www.jorudan.co.jp/english/norikae/e-norikeyin.html

If no mail, I consider that everybody who already replied to me is OK even after this change.
The rest of us, please send me an email ASAP.


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