Morning TEAM, Our second game of SHUUTO League is scheduled next SUNDAY (in 10 days) and I would like everybody to start thinking about it. First, please let us know your availability ASAP by updating your status on TEAMSNAP ( or mobile APP) or sending me an email. Note that priority will be given to All France players so please wait before inviting friends who are not full time members of All France since we can only have 23 players. We will let you know on Monday or Tuesday if there is room for outside players. So far, according to TEAMSNAP, we have 10 players: IN: Forwards (6): Erwan, Kosuke, Fredrik, Quentin, Philippe, Cedric Backs (4): Taka, Dan, Benjamin, Hisa Coach: JP Maybe (2): Mike, Kazu M Out/injured: James, Romain D, Lolo

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