Hi Lads, Bad news, Vice-Captain Kosuke just informed me and the coaches that our opponent for SUNDAY Game (NO SIDE) is forfeit for Sunday: they could not line up enough players (only 8!). We could have provided a few players but not that many to stage a game. So unfortunately Game is CANCELLED. Due to the SHUUTO schedule and playoffs coming soon, the game cannot be postponed so NO SIDE is Forfeit and AFRC wins the game by forfeit (4 points). We remain undefeated and top of our group. I wish we could have played and proved ourselves yet again worthy of our status but we simply have to take the four points. We now have to think about the upcoming playoff game vs SHINJUKU Jacks in January 2015 to access SHUUTO First Division in September 2015. Until then we will try to organize some week-end training before the Xmas break to keep the nice momentum going. We can do it! Enjoy the long week-end and for those going, see you at Maxime & Miho wedding party tomorrow! Cheers, JP

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