Hello all, 1- Weekly schedule This week we have: – Training at TAKADANOBABA from 7pm to 9pm – BONENKAI party on Friday organized by Philippe and Hiro. I hope to see many of you there. Then we will have a few weeks break until we reconvene in January 2014. During that period, I believe Takadanobaba ground will still be available so keep an eye out on emails on the mailing list from the coaches to inform if training is ON. 2- First events of 2014 Except for weekly training at TAKADANOBABA, the first events of 2014 already on TEAMSNAP will be: – Team training on Saturday 11 January (likely Ariake) – Game on Sunday 19 January Kosuke, Alex and Lolo are working on the team schedule for 2014 and we will announce other game dates in a few weeks. 3- Distribution of Personal shirts orders The personal orders for AFRC game shirts and shorts has been delayed by a week (sorry!). So the personal orders will only be available in Tokyo from next week. Since quite a few of you will be out of town, we might distribute those in early January or start passing these on at next Thursday training. overseas orders will be sent out in January 2014. 4- Phuket 10s Further to a board meeting of AFRC, I sent an email last week to ask feedback about the 10s tournament in Phuket, Thailand in May 2014 to check your interest. Quite a few of you have answered (also a lot of maybes). Please discuss with the spouse, wife, prime minister and get back to us so that we can take a decision in late January 2014 whether AFRC registers a team or not and start planning this with flight bookings (we might join forces with French Asian Barbarians which are good friends of ours and who many of you have already met in previous tours). 5- Membership and personal jersey fee For those of you who have not paid yet their membership for the season (2,500 JPY) or paid for their personal jersey order (for instance, Pierre, Romain L., Romain D., James, Tanaka-san), please do so ASAP, preferably at Bonenkai on Friday. That’s all for now, see you on Friday! JP

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