Hello everyone,

Please check your status on DOODLE for Sunday training and Game 3.


1- Tonight training @ TAKADANOBABA is on (7 to 9pm)

2- Sunday TEAM training @ ARIAKE (10am-12pm)

Only 9 players so far: Philippe, Dan, Romain L., Romain D., Xavier, Mike, Kosuke, Jerome, Jeanphi

Very disappointing. For reference we get 13-14 players at Thursday training!!

15 players or so have not answered yet on DOODLE (Kazu, Masa, Andrew, Erwan, Jimmy, Yama etc)

If we do not get a minimum of 12 players by tomorrow evening then there will be no training and we will have to live with the result of Game 3.

(note that the vast majority said they would come when I checked right after game 2 while having a beer).

3- Game 3 on Sunday 7th of October (K.O. 3pm, meeting time 1pm)

11 players so far: Charlie, Kosuke, Andrew, Romain, Jerome, Philippe, Frederic, Mike, Dan, Mathieu, Kazu (coach Damien)

Almost everyone has answered but then we only have 11 players for the game!!

Before we start calling you and sending individual emails, please check that the Doodle survey is updated for your attendance to Game 3.

For those going to training tonight, see you there!

Cheers, Jeanphi

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