Hello All France,

First of all, felicitation to the ExCo for all the work done and the improvement regarding the organisation and the club structure. It’s always a pleasure to read the AFRC stories and the reports which are the only link to the club for those who had to come back in Europe.

Anyway if I write on the mailing list today it’s to speak to all the AFRC back in Europe. My Spanish team is organizing a 7th tournament in Madrid. And it could be great that all of us who are sooo nostalgic about the All France spirit could wear and fight once again for the club’s colors. Even if you are old, not in shape, don’t think you’ll know anyone, as soon are you are still able to hold a pint of beer you are more than invited to join!!

Trip to Madrid from France is really cheap, I guess from UK also. For the rest of Europe, well I don’t know but you have time to find out. I have place enough on my flat to avoid you Hotel costs, and tapas bars and Cervezas are really cheap in Madrid. So no money excuse :p

I think it could be fun for everybody to play again with old mates or with people who have made the history of the club before or after you and bring a little bit of French/japanese rugby style in Spain.

The tournament is the 18th of June. There are only 4 team places left so to all the players interested send me a mail quickly to book a place in time for us!

Also, I don’t think I need to precise, but a huuuuggggeee party is planned before the tournament (but as AFRC warriors we can plan one the Friday before also, to set the things up!!) as the Madrid Barbarians are sponsored only by pubs. (and they all know buffalo !)

Cheers guys and let the AFRC rule some Spanish pitches for once!!


Seb (Chabalou) – Use the website contact form to send me an email

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