pdf iconPENA_FESTAYRE_TOKYO_18_May_v4.pdf Hello lads,

4 announcements/events this week.

1-Game report:

Despite a good effort, we lost the game on Sunday with great weather (sunny, warm and a bit of wind). Score was a bit heavy. 40-10. But it did not reflect the game which was really pleasant to watch from the sidelines with a lot of running on both ends.

We did not score when we had the chances. Last passes never made or never reaching the guy. In defense, not many tackles were missed but we had too many guys in the rucks which resulted in easy tries for the opposition after 3-4 phases.

Man of the match award goes to Lolo.

As we are getting closer to the end of the season, a quick update on the individual awards:

Top scorer is still Yama with 21 points closely followed by Taka with 20 points and Keith with 15 points.

Top try scorer is Taka:4 tries, followed by Keith with 3 tries and a few guys with two tries (Max, Erwan, Kitaguchi).

Iron Man update: Quentin still leads with 54 points followed by Mike with 47 points and JP with 46 (there are about another 15 points up for grabs with the upcoming trainings, events, games).

2-Thursday training

Training is ON @ TAKADANOBABA from 7pm to 9 pm.

I will not be able to attend. Lolo, Mike, please bring rugby balls and take care of the training please.



PENA FESTAYRE from 5.30pm until late.

AFRC is helping with the organization of a big summer party in DAIKANYAMA @ Comptoir Occitan.

More than 100 people are expected and already registered.

Please come dressed up with a white shirt or white t-shirt (and white pants or shorts if you have) and a red scarf or red belt, red neck piece.

This will give you a free drink! Some French berets and red scarves will be on sale on the premises.

10 tickets for 3,500 JPY.

1 ticket = 1 glass of sangria, 1 Ricard, 1 glass of wine.

2 tickets = 1 plate of tapas (cheese, ham etc)

About 15% of the revenues on the day will be going to AFRC in exchange of our services to help with serving drinks and food (at counter).

Quite a few of us are going (Bruno, Mike, Damien, Philippe, Bruno, Dan, Maxime, Pierre Alexandre, Lolo, Fred, Matthieu V) , let me know if you are coming and if you can lend a hand for one hour or so.

For those that are coming and ready to help, the idea would be to get there 1 hour before the start (i.e. 4.30pm) in order to help with the set up etc.

Please contact me if you are thinking of coming later in the afternoon or the evening.

4- Kazu Miura’s wedding

Kazu is getting married (OMEDETO!) and is holding his wedding party on Saturday, June 8th from 5PM.

He invites us to come to his wedding party but needs to know in advance who is going.

The party will be held in Ginza, the fee is 7,000 JPY for men and 6,000 JPY for women. Please contact me for further details if you would like to attend Kazu’s big day!

We need to provide an answer to him by 24th of May.

That’s all for now.

Please get back to me for Saturday party and Kazu wedding party ASAP



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