Hi team,for our test-game, we will meet the Tokyo Gaijins for a 2 x 25 mins at Yanokuchi ground (where we play the playoff in Jan). You know them, lots of big boys, so a good team to wake up after these long vacations but you came to the trainings or work out on your own, should be no problem.
The coaches will also take this opportunity to review the level of new and actual players, so be there.
Since it is the first game of the season, we will eat together something light and go to the pitch after (5 min walk).

So far, I have on my list 16 players
Damien, Yama, Matt R, Kosuke, Steph, William, Miroux, Greg, Lolo, Dom, Dan, Math Derycke, Joe, Arthur, Andrew and Ishmael + 8 maybes

So the "maybes" and the new guys (Vincent, K1-Ken…), please tell me by mail if you are OK or/and fill out the calendar on Doodle http://www.doodle.com/n8aqd6d2ch9xr333

See you there.

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