pdf icon PENA-FESTAYRE-TOKYO-14-June-2014-final.pdf
Morning Lads, *1- Personal AFRC shirt order has been sent to the supplier* *2-ARIAKE training* so far only 2 players are available for tomorrow training: Baptiste and Mike. if we cannot get confirmation from another 6 players before 5pm, then training will be cancelled. send me an email or update your status on TEAMSNAP. *3-PENA FESTAYRE on June 14th. * the party is 3 weeks away. You need to confirm your participation by email (answer this email or send it to afrc.event@gmail.com please indicate the name of people/friends coming if you are not coming alone. So far there are 22 players coming (facebook, teamsnap) but only 4 confirmed by email (Hugo, Romain, Lawrence and I) so please send an email to confirm. Note that all AFRC players coming to the party will be required to give one hour minimum of their time to help with the drinks at the bar, at the tickets/goodies etc. You will be contacted shortly by Hiro and Max (Max, Hiro, you also need to confirm by email !;-)) to organize the rotation. thanks a lot for your help and for sharing the event with your friends, groups on FACEBOOK etc. JP. the more the merrier, the more money for the club (the smaller the membership fee…)!!!

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