Hello boys,
March is gonna be a busy month for rugby (3 games: 2nd, 9th and 23rd of March), so we need a little bit of exercise.
US Navy is welcoming us in their facilities for a training/game (Cru will be here too) on this Saturday the 16th.

Here is the program:
13h30 – Meeting at the Shinagawa Station, Main gate of KEIKYU Line (NOT JR)
13h44 – board the train to Yokosuka Chuo Station
14h27 – arriving at Yokosuka Chuo
15h00 – US Navy base Main gate
– training then little game
– go to base restaurant for a taste of America’s finest food
– shooting range (just kidding)
– for those who are motivated, Yokosuka night life
– for the best of the best, getting back to Tokyo to see France-England in some English pub in Roppongi
(- wake up in some place, hopefully not the police station)

IMPORTANT: you will have to bring some ID to get into the base: passport or gaijin card. Nothing else will be accepted.

Give me your avaibility by mail with Yes/No with some informations to fill the form: First name/middle name/last name, card/passport number


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