Season 2016/2017 – AFRC Announcements

Sep 24, 2016Uncategorized

A new season has started recently with the Shuuto League and will culminate with the 30th anniversary of the All France rugby Club.
We, everyone from the management group, hope it will be a memorable one, not only based on sport results but also in term of friendship achievement.
But we have some announcments to do

So please have a look at the following two documents to have an overview at what’s coming for this year and how players should behave on the field.

AFRC Communication note ENG/JP

AFRC Internal Rules ENG/JP

Let’s bring it on for 2017 and make it a unforgettable year.


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XV de France tour in JapanMatch day

XV de France tour in Japan
Match day

 ​Ready for the RWC! AFRC went to Nagoya’s Toyota stadium on the 7/2 and Tokyo stadium on the 7/9 to cheer for their favorite teams. Both the Brave blossoms and the XV de France gave their best on the pitch despite boiling hot weather. The French won the first game...

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XV de France tour in Japan Embassy party

XV de France tour in Japan
Embassy party

 ​AFRC meets la crème de la crème AFRC was invited to the welcome reception of the French national rugby team at the French embassy in Hiroo.We all suited up to meet our heroes who will face Japan in Nagoya and in Tokyo at the occasion of the RWC preparation tour. The...

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Hakuba Tambo Rugby 2022

Hakuba Tambo Rugby 2022

 ​Mud, Beer and BBQ All France Rugby Club went to Hakuba on the weekend of the 25th/7 to play in the glorious rice fields of Hakuba.The Rugby tambo day is an event organized every year by Hakuba’s Baird Beer taproom. The rules are simple:4 players by teamTouch rugby2...

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