A fickle but triumphant All France

Apr 10, 2019 | Game Result/Report

AFRC – Gentle Giants : 38-29 (half time: 24-7)
Sunday March 31st – 14:30
Place: Yanokuchi
6 Tries: Philippe 13’-14’, Shin 20’, Charles 30’, Lolo 52’, Ryo 55’.
4 Convertions: Robin 13’, 14’, 52’, 55’

The victory for the first game of the Baird Beer Cup this year was far from being a wall in the park. During the first 10 minutes, the All France defense had a hard time resisting the numerous assaults of their opponents and could not clear their line. Then, after a difficult start, All France took control of the game thanks to their inspired backs and their brave forwards who defended fiercely on the rucks. This great period paid off, and All France quickly scored 3 tries.

Unfortunately, the waning of the efforts made it harder to contain the Gentle Giants’ number 8 who eventually scored a try. Then, just before the end of the first half, Charles his first try for his first game, allowing All France to lead 24-7.

One would expect the hardest part had been done, and therefore the second half to be easy, but none of this happened. In 19 minutes, after Ras was sent to the sin bin, the Gentle Giants scored 3 tries in a row and resticked in the score. However, as their striker did not convert any of these tries, they remained two points behind. 24-22.

The end of the game was much better, and thanks to two tries by Lolo and Ryo, All France secured their first victory in the Baird Beer Cup!

In addition to the positive outcome of the game, the famous “third half” was also a success thanks to a picnic containing a lot of French
delicacies as well as 8 liters of hot wine, and the participation of the family of the players.
Last but not least, congratulations from all the members of the All France Rugby Club to Ryo on his marriage! 遼さん、結婚おめでとう!

–Fabien H


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