A victory both on and off the field

Apr 27, 2019Game Result/Report

2nd fixture of the Baird Beer Cup
All France RC – Dandellions: 26-19 (half time 14-0)
Sunday, April 21, 2019
Akigase- Tokyo

For the second game of the Baird Beer Cup, the Dandelions decided to recruit some players from other teams, and two of our usual members, K and Shin. The message was clear, All France had to be defeated

However, this game was really special to us, so we could not let it happen. As a matter of fact, this was the day the new Jerseys bearing the name of our sponsor, Baird Beer, were distributed by John, the MD of Baird Beer who came all the way from Izu in Shizuoka prefecture.

jersey baird beer

This was the extra push that the team needed to be victorious and it explains why All France started the game on the right foot, keeping the ball and scoring a try by Ramu after a beautiful action, and converted by Robin. (5 min, 7-0).

Then, the Dandelions put the All France defense under a huge pressure, but they failed to score any point, as their furious waves kept breaking on the AFRC strong tackles and scrum. It was a very heated first half indeed, with some high tickles made by the Dandelions, but Jeoffrey did not let his assaulter tread on his toes, and responded with a beautiful spear tackles.

The Dandelions’ did not seize the opportunity to score, and on the contrary, All France doubled their lead on a beautifully executed counter-attacked concluded by Miran and converted once again by Robin. (20 min, 14-0). The score remained the same until half-time showing the lack of cohesion and team spirit of the Dandelions.

The second half was much more balanced as everyone started to feel tired, which led to some missed tackles on the wings, allowing the Dandelions to score a try. (42 min, 14-7).
All France did not let their opponents hope for too long, and Quentin, one of our new players this year, scored a sneaky try after he pierced the defense through a mouse hole. (60 min, 21-7).

It seemed the way had been paved to another clear victory, but the Dandelions’ Fijian flanker scored a try under the posts, to spice up the game a little bit more (54 min, 21-14), before All France kept them at bay a while longer thanks to a try in the corner (62 min, 26-14).
4 Minutes later, the Dandelions scored another try but failed to convert it as the ball hit the post. (66 min, 26-19).

The Dandelions pushed hard to earn the draw, or even snatch the victory, and doubts started to arise but the referee finally whistled the end of the match on the final score of 26-19.

Rugby team japan

This intense and suspenseful game was then followed by our usual “3rd half” picnic with wine, Ricard, bread, foie-gras, pâté and saucisson. However, this time, we also had some delicious Baird Beer bottles offered by our sponsors that made the party even better.
Some even used the opportunity to have a massage by Sebastien, our official osteopath and sponsor.

This was a great Sunday, and we are lookin forward to our next event together and with our families, on March 25th and 26th, as we will go camping in Izu, on Baird Beer’s camping site. You are all welcome to join!

3eme mi-temps tokyo osteo massage rugby


— Fabien H.

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