AFCR tour in Osaka

May 30, 2022Club life, Game Result/Report

On 14th of May, AFRC went to Osaka to play against Osaka Elephants and Neyagawa Club.
Our journey started at 7:00 taking the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka.

We then went directly to Neyagawa ground, which our opponent teams booked for us. The muddy pitch on that day allowed us to baptize our newly made jerseys! Cloudy weather and the strong wind didn’t discourage our brave players who gave their best on the pitch.

A million thanks to the Elephants, the Neyagawa club and of course the referee for kindly receiving us in the wonderful region of Kansai!
We also had a legendary third half @Coolabar where we enjoyed Nomihodai in an Australian rugby ambiance.

Won against Elephants
Lost against Neyagawa club

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