XV de France tour in Japan
Embassy party

Jul 11, 2022Social Event

​AFRC meets la crème de la crème

AFRC was invited to the welcome reception of the French national rugby team at the French embassy in Hiroo.We all suited up to meet our heroes who will face Japan in Nagoya and in Tokyo at the occasion of the RWC preparation tour.

The event opened with the greeting speech from French ambassador Philippe Setton and some warm words from captain Ollivon and staff representative (and former player) Ibanez.

We then enjoyed conversation with the players while eating a wide variety of French specialties. Among them Pachon’s cassoulet (beans with meat and sausages), macaron and cheese.

We also had a last drink after the reception with our team member and friend Guillaume Lecuyer as it was his last day in Japan. We hope to see you soon!

Good things to know from the reception:

  • One surely gets diabetes before becoming alcoholic in this country! (Thomas Jolmès about Japanese whiskey-colas and their ridiculous lack of whiskey)
  • Ambassador Philippe Setton might be related to Jean Dujardin
  • Pachon’s cassoulet is the ultimate summer meal


Good luck to the French team, we will cheer for you in Nagoya and Tokyo stadium soon!

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